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July 2, 2011
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Tauth Doll CE: Sandman Doll by Twin-Divinity Tauth Doll CE: Sandman Doll by Twin-Divinity
Entry for the Tauth Doll Contest at:

- - - ~ - - -
HP- 5000
Bonus- Invincible for 1st Turn
Element- PSN/NUL
Lv- 20[All stats are defined by this level]

ATK- 250
DEF- 3000
MAG ATK- 1800
MAG DEF- 2400

Accu Ridase | Auto. Learn | 9 MP Cost
*Drea | Auto. Learn | 15 MP Cost
*Drea Swet | Lv. 30 Learn | 15 MP Cost
*Drea Wick | Lv. 33 Learn | 20 MP Cost
Expa | Auto. Learn | 12 MP Cost
Expanza | Lv. 23 Learn | 12 MP Cost
Luna Thera | Auto. Learn | 24 MP Cost
Panic Song | Lv. 29 Learn | 9 MP Cost
*Umba Nex | Lv. 38 Learn | 20 MP Cost
Vile | Auto. Learn | 6 MP Cost
Vileo | Lv. 24 Learn | 6 MP Cost

*Sandman exclusive spells:
Drea- Lures the opponents into falling asleep for 2-3
Drea Swet- Lures it's own allies into sleeping for 2-3 turns, healing some HP each turn with gentle visions; Party Defense Bonus
Drea Wick- Lures it's enemies into sleeping for 2-3, their nightmares will drain some HP each turn
Umba Nex- Opening his umbrella, he'll cast a myriad of wicked, piercing emotions at the opponents

- - - ~ - - -
A Doll whom is never caught without his trusty umbrella and refuses to let anyone else touch it. It is almost always kept closed...
He does not care for battle, unless forced into the situation. He is thought to serve as a dream-catcher charm for his owner.
Being a wanderer at heart, the Sandman Doll might mysteriously disappear when you're not looking...then reappear when you look again, with a bit of iridescent sand on his clothes.
Good luck comes to any young children who comes to see him and pat his head. However, if you have been a naughty child, the opposite will happen...Same goes for his owner.
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I like to make animal-type sounds sometimes~ x'D
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